Post Covid-19 Lockdown

To help you feel comfortable, at ease and protected at your appointment, I have put these processes in place;

  • I have taken a BARBICIDE Covid-19 training to ensure I am fully up to date with the latest information on detection to infection and how to keep my workspace disinfected throughout appointments.
  • Please can I ask you to arrive as close to the appointment time as possible – if you are early please can you wait in your car to ensure I have my studio ready for you.
  • I ask all clients to wash their hands upon arrival.
  • Inbetween appointments, all surfaces will be disinfected including the beauty couch, door handles, tables and stationary. Each client will be given a laundered blanket.
  • As a lash artist I pride myself on working in a sterile environment and continue to practice all sanitisation efforts with added caution. This includes sanitation of my workspace and tools inbetween clients. I will continue to wear a mask and ask you to too.
  • Please can I ask that if you are feeing unwell at all to contact me and we can reschedule your appointment.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation